Bruno Araújo Pereira And Dom Phillips Wikipedia: Suspect Confess To Killing British Journalist And Indigenous Expert In The Amazon

June 16, 2022 by Paige Brooklyn 2344

The suspect of British journalist and Indigenous experts Bruno Araújo Pereira and Dom Phillips' murder have confessed to killing both in the Amazon. According to the multiple news reports, the suspects pleaded guilty to killing and dismembering the journalists after they were reported missing for days.

CNN Brasil and Band News reported the news of the suspects confessing the crime on Wednesday. Authority has still scheduled a press conference and is set to take out more true stories behind the disappearance of two British journalists.

Bruno Araújo Pereira And Dom Phillips Wikipedia

Bruno Araújo Pereira And Dom Phillips were two journalists and indigenous experts who had been missing in the Amazon since June 5. Concerning the fact, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had mentioned that the two officials were unlikely to be found recently. He also said he believes some "malice" was done to them.

Bolsonaro said, 'The evidence leads us to believe that some malice was done to them because human viscera has already been found floating in the river, which is already in Brasilia for DNA testing.'

Brazilian Federal Police reported that they found the personal belongings of veteran correspondent Dom Phillips and Brazilian researcher Bruno Araújo Pereira. Similarly, the 'biological traces' discovered at the scene were taken for analysis and investigation. Reports cite that blood was found on a boat owned by the experts.

And now, the suspects have confessed to the murder of the duo. However, the authority has not revealed the identity of the suspects yet. Police arrested a man after being found possessing "a lot of drugs" and ammunition used for illegal hunting. Similarly, five other men were taken under custody for the investigation.

Bruno and Dom were conducting research for a book project on conservation efforts in the region. The authority had already described the project as 'dangerous' and 'complicated' since the scene was in the harbor of drug dealers, illegal miners, and loggers. It was reported that

Bruno and Dom received multiple death threats before their disappearance.

Dom Phillips' Wife Requested For A Search Before The Confess

Dom Phillips' wife Alessandra Sampaio came with a letter at a press conference and urged urgency in the searches carried out by the Brazilian authorities. She wrote;

"By the time I make this appeal, they have been missing more than 30 hours in Vale do Javari, one of the most conflicted regions in the Amazon. In the forest, every second counts; every second can be life or death. As night falls, it becomes complicated to move, almost impossible to find missing people."

She further added that she was worried about her husband and his partner Bruno since they were doing their research in the area of conflicts.

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