Merrill Lynch: Is Jim Iannazzo Racist? Racist Video On Twitter And Facebook Updated

Jan. 23, 2022 by Ruby Jane 2344

Jim Iannazzo from Merril Lynch has been the target of social media platforms as he carried out the violent actions against one of the girls. He threw smoothie upon the girl after having 2 minutes long verbal altercation. What does the Facebook and TikTok users react to his actions? Find out below.

Jim Iannazzo serves as the managing director and Wealth management advisor of the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. His career seems to be in danger following the latest controversy he is dealing with. Social media users have been sharing the footage in the support of the victim widely.

Merril Lynch: Is Jim Iannazzo Racist?

Jim Iannazzo from Merril Lynch appears to be a racist.

His recent actions have proved that Jim carried out a racist activities around his locality. He entangled in a verbal quarrel with a lady for around a couple of minutes. Later, he ended up throwing a smoothie upon the girl.

Jim has faced numerous backlashes regarding the incident since his action was not tolerable at all.

People have been supporting the victim girl after the video of the incident popped up. TikTok users have been commenting on the footage saying 'They better not fire her. He got disrespectful before she did. She has the right to defend herself.'

Jim Iannazzo Racist Video On Twitter And Facebook Updated

Jim Iannazzo has become the focal point of the social media platforms after his recent horrific act.

He threw a smoothie towards a girl with whom he had an argument for more than a minute. One user wrote, "This is how Jim lannazzo of @MerrillLynch treats people. Is that ok with Merrill Lynch?" 

Another added, "So how's Jim lannazzo's racist attack on high school children fit into your company motto?" 

Similarly another user popped up and wrote, "Jim lannazzo threw a drink at a teen girl and called her an immigrant. You have to fire him to save whatever reputation you have left."


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