Mike Pompeo Weight Loss: Body Transformation Diet And Workouts

Jan. 7, 2022 by Deepankar Nakarmi 2344

Mike Pompeo is a famed American politician and famous attorney general who has also served under the former US President Donald Trump as his director for the Central Intelligence Agency. 

Mike has worked as the 70 US secretary state from 2018 to 2021. He has recently come into the limelight for shedding his body weight.

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss

Mike Pompeo's weight loss is an amazing one. Former US Mike Pompeo surprised Fox News viewers, as he lost around 40 kg over nearly six months. The American politician was shocked in June 2021 and saw that he was weighing 136 for the first time in his life.

Mike told his wife, Susan Pompeo, that he needed to shed weight the next day. After which, he did not look and continued to exercise. His hard work paid off as of now. He is a lean and fit man. Mike Pompeo Loses Weight in Six Months has inspired many individuals to follow and maintain a strict diet. 

Mike Pompeo Diet

Mike Pompeo's diet plan is exemplary; Mike Pompeo is an Italian American who is fond of foods. Mike himself said that his weight started to pile up when he was first elected to Congress as a representative for Kansas in 2020.

Determined to lose weight, he chose to eat salad rather than eating cheese, pasta, and desserts at family gatherings. He also relishes the pumping cakes but due to his weight issue. He has to settle for Turkey and egg whites. Thanks to his sacrifice, Mike enjoys a great healthy life and looks fitter and better than ever.

Mike Pompeo Work Out

Mike Pompeo's workout is intense. Upon discovering that Mike Pompeo had put a heavyweight of 136 kg, Pompeo was startled and shocked. He purchased some dumbbells and got himself an elliptical machine making a quality home gym in his basement.

He daily exercises and works out for more than half an hour and hopes to work out 6 to 7 times a week. Interestingly, he has been able to put in some weight without the help of a personal trainer and dietician. 

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