Ray Epps Age And Wiki: Family And Parents Details

Jan. 12, 2022 by Deepankar Nakarmi 2344

An Arizona man named Ray Epps recently testified that he is not working for the FBI. Find out more details.

Ray Epps Testifies He Is Not Working For FBI

The House Select Committee has investigated that the January 6 attack has dismissed a right-wing conspiracy theory falsely alleging an Arizona man working for the FBI encouraged by the supporters of Donald Trump to storm onto the Capitol.  

For numerous months, Ray has been the leading man of the conspiracy that the January 6 attack was the fake flag orchestrated by federal agents. Fox News has also supported the claims, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and famous representatives Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie, etc. 

The claims around Epps are based on videos taken the night before January 6 and filmed during the riot, and how Epps was on the FBI's Capitol Violence Most Wanted list before being thrown out without ever having been arrested. 

In another video taken on January 6, Epps could be seen yelling to a crowd: Epps is later seen bringing in Trump supporters towards the Capitol on the busy streets of DC. Epps was not pictured within the Capitol building on January 6, despite being seen encouraging others to do his intended bidding, and there is no evidence that he assaulted police officers during the riot time. 

While there is a video that shows Trump supporters destroying police barricades and pushing through police officers outside the Capitol, a man who looks like Epps, near the rioters, does not appear to be seen the part of the riot.

Ray Epps Age: How Old is He?

As per her Wikipedia, Ray Epps's age is around 60 years old.

He was born in Arizona, United States of America. As for his works, he is the owner of the Rocking R Farms wedding venue and hospitality business within his ranch in Queen Creek, Arizona.

It was also revealed that Ray also served as the president of the Arizona chapter of far-right Oath Keepers. 

Ray Epps Parents and Family

The Arizona-based man Ray Epps has not disclosed much about his parents' names and backgrounds. As a result, his family details remain unclear at the moment. 

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