Rebekah Chatfield Who Accused Lee Chatfield Of Sexual Assault: Where Is She Now?

Jan. 14, 2022 by Deepankar Nakarmi 2344

Rebekah Chatfield is well known for being the sister-in-law of the former Michigan House Speaker, Lee Chatfield, and she alleged that when Rebekah was in her teens, he sexually assaulted her.

When Lee taught at Rebekah's Northern Michigan Christian, he taught before entering politics. Michigan State Police and Lansing Police Department are also investigating the criminal complaint filed by a young woman known as Rebekah Chatfield.

Rebekah Chatfield, Who Accused Lee Chatfield Of Sexual Assault: Where Is She Now?

Lee Chatfield is a pastor's son.

His website says the slogan "Faith, Family, Service" before it went offline in the past week — he was the youngest Michigan House speaker in a century when legislative officials elected him to the critical position at the only age of 30 in 2018.

Behind the scenes, Chatfield took undue advantage of the young girl's vulnerabilities when she was a high school student and continued to assault Rebekah Chatfield during his political tenures Capitol office sexually. Rebekah also said that "He destroyed me, and has controlled my life since I was 15-16, the past 10-11 years," "And I know the only way to get justice for this is to come forward and to file a criminal (complaint) against him." 

Rebekah also reported that her allegations were in a criminal complaint filed the previous month with police in Lansing, where she presently resides. 

Interestingly, despite all this trial tribulation, Rebekah is living a good and healthy life with her husband, Aaron Chatfield, who is the brother of Lee Chatfield. As per Lee, Chatfield has remained silent and has not reached this far.

Rebekah Chatfield Age. How Old Is She?

As per her Wikipedia, Rebekah Chatfield's age is presently 26 years old at this writing. She was born in 1995 in Lansing, USA. She is of American nationality having a white ethnic background. 

Rebekah Chatfield Family and Parents 

Rebekah Chatfield's family supports her in all these difficult times. As for her parents, Rebekah is the daughter of Debbie, while Chatfield has kept her siblings under the wraps. She grew up in an Orthodox Christian Family. 

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