Who Is Somio.95 Twitter? UNC Polly Rogers Bus Accident Video On Reddit And Parents

June 4, 2022 by Ruby Jane 2344

Who Is Somio.95 Twitter? UNC Polly Rogers Bus Accident Video On Reddit And Parents:- Polly Rogers bus accident video has been all over internet after it first appeared on Somio.95 Twitter. Since the accident was tragic, it has brought the attentions of netizens to the one point.

Polly Rogers' bus accident video has been viral on Twitter and Reddit as of now. Although the accident dates back to four years from now, it has been one of the most searched topic on social media.on a few virtual entertainment stages.

Who Is Somio.95 Twitter?

Somio.95 Twitter is the platform where the bus accident video of Polly Rogers first appeared.

Somio.95 shared a YouTube clip after Rogers died on May 1, 2018. Rogers was a 20-year-old University of North Carolina at Charlotte understudy. She got out of a crisis window while driving and arrived in the middle path of the street, where she was hit by two vehicles. On the spot, she was announced dead.

Rogers was inclining toward the glass and the locks on the crisis window were broken, as indicated by the dad of another transport traveler that evening. She dropped through of the window unintentionally.

As of now, the video is not available on social media.

UNC Polly Rogers Bus Accident Video On Reddit Explained

Polly Rogers, who was 20 years old at the time of accident, fell down from emergency window of the bus. The accident occured back on May 1, 2018 in the street at a Kappa Sigma fraternity event.

The local authorities were under investigation on the accident. While there were no leads following the accident, authorities studied whether she was intentionally pulled or it was coincident. Besides that, there are no social media post and videos regarding the accident as of now.

Who Are Polly Rogers Parents?

Polly Rogers' parents are Tim Rogers and mother.

Tim now lives with his family of four, including his two sons; Will and Patrick and wife. The name of Tim's wife (Polly Rogers Mother) is off the grid.

Polly's father Tim Rogers spoke with  Alexandra Elich of WCCB Charlotte about his little girl's passing. 'Be caring to each other,' Tim Rogers wears a wristband that states. Polly is one of a few memories father has of his little girl.

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